Size of FF vs. M43 are full frames getting bigger?

Discussion in 'This or That? (MFT only)' started by Trankster, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Trankster

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    Jan 19, 2013
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    This is not a question of quality or camera rivalry, just sharing an observation and maybe a little humor. Has the trend in FF gone to having larger bodies and lenses, just the opposite of M4/3 being more compact and miniaturized? I was having lunch today at a nearby restaurant and another patron walks by carrying his full frame camera with a short zoom (lens shade reversed). The thing just looked huge to me (real cannon). It made my wrist ache just looking at it. If I were to guess, the body and lens were double in mass size compared to my OMD E-M1 w/ 12-40mm lens. Much larger than my old OM-1 w/ 135mm legacy lens. I wish I had taken a picture with my phone, maybe next time. Anyone else notice this?
  2. I haven't noticed that trend... The 5d and 1ds series Canon cameras are about the same size over the last 3 generations or so.
  3. dhazeghi

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    Depends on the time-frame. 20 years ago vs. today? Absolutely. 5 or 10 years vs. today? Its the opposite. The Nikon DF and Canon 6D are the smallest full-frame SLRs since the beginning of the digital era.
  4. speedandstyle

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    FF digital SLRs will never be as small as their 135 film counterparts. There is simply too many other parts that have to fitted{rear LCD, battery, other electronics etc...}. Sony has shown that you can make a fairly compact FF via mirrorless design but even it is a decent size.

    There are some advantages to FF but small and light isn't one of them and never will be. If anything I am seeing a trend of m4/3 going to larger bodies{G, GH and OMD} and FF going to smaller ones{I also think APS is getting smaller - eq Canon SL1}. Of coarse Panasonic did release the smallest m4/3 body just recently so I think they haven't abandoned small bodies all together.
  5. meyerweb

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    Sep 5, 2011
    I don't think you can point to any such trend. The 6D and D600 are smaller than previous FF DSLRs from those makers. The GH3 and EM1 are bigger than prior cameras from their makers. There are lots of options.
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