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Sep 6, 2019
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swappa has a camera section, but it seems pretty underpopulated. The way they are structured, the buyer pays all the fees, so you have to take that into account when you list the item. The only things you get hit with are paypal fees and shipping, if you elect to make shipping free. It’s a great place to sell phones, tablets and game stuff.


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Aug 22, 2019
I stopped using Craigslist a bit more than 10 years ago. Shows were suddenly funds constrained upon arrival, no-shows, some folks I preferred not dealing with.

I’ll buy from any of the reputable dealers (most are solid). From forums. When forced, from eBay.

Selling always on eBay. It’s a wonderful group of buyers. I sold one item for more than it would have cost brand new, with warranty, from a reputable retailer. Though lately the market is quite weak for m43 gear. No idea about other brands.

I find selling to dealers for cash (not trades) to be easy. At a material cost for the convenience.


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Jun 20, 2015
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Shows were suddenly funds constrained upon arrival,
Ya that is a favorite CL buyer trick. Price is $300 they show up with $250 thinking since the don't have the other $50 you will give in and take the $250. Trick there is to stand firm, they probably really want it, and when they finally agree to go and get the rest of money, THAT is when you spring the "and the price is now $325 for wasting my time, so don't come back unless you have it all."


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Oct 27, 2019
So, yesterday a guy contacts me for my whole Canon setup and says he wants to buy it all. We message about a lot of stuff, setup a time, etc. Hours later, he wants to ask about price before we meet. He plays coy, but finally says he wants to offer $600 less than asking of $2100. I offer to split the difference, but he declines. I think now he's just an eBay guy (even though he said it was for his girlfriend).

At the same time, I had a guy ask to buy about 1/2 the kit at just a little reduction, so I decline the first guy and confirm a place/time for guy #2, who then no-shows today.

I think I'm going to call MPB or Keh. And I'm reminded why I stopped churning gear. It's a PITA. I'm going to rent from lens rentals, and pre-decide more in the future I think, before purchasing.
MPB is my preferred buyer. Best prices offered so far compared to BH, Adorama and KEH. Transactions are fast and easy. Most equipment I sell them - on their site I enter the product name, use the pulldown menu for condition of the item, and instantly see the price they offer, with prepaid shipping and label from MPB. I previously sold items on Ebay and between the low auction prices bid, shipping costs and Ebay fees, sites like MPB got me roughly the same money with no hassles. The lack of hassles is worth any (potential) slight difference in money, at least for me.
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