Siesta Key Sand Sculpture Event

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    Jan 5, 2013
    My wife and I made a quick stop by the Siesta Key Sand Sculpture contest. Sorry, I don’t know the official name. I took my E-M1 and a couple of lenses, although I ended up just using the 14-140. We were there in the late afternoon and the shadows were long. The crowd was also thick, making getting a good shot difficult. Plus, we were in a hurry, so I didn’t have a lot of time to find a clear shot. You can tell I’m not that happy with the photos, but I thought the sculptures were impressive, so I’ll share a few.

    F32EB121-4BCF-4EEF-B166-2FBACFC80CF5.jpeg ABCF22BD-4491-45A1-9E12-89F60A96E9F0.jpeg D6F85865-4BD7-416B-8742-66FEED884651.jpeg 3AD78797-3417-469D-AF9C-4BBD5F266422.jpeg 1F729315-B7EC-4126-BFE7-53C327EFC335.jpeg C203012D-254E-463D-9689-2AC642A9F612.jpeg F2BD1AB2-EEDC-4E49-8075-4450C67B814D.jpeg 669913DE-43BF-43D5-854F-CDAB901C0C82.jpeg
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