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    I'll kick off with my latest ones from Bunker Bay in the South West of Western Australia...

    First one was taken with my EM-1 and 12-50mm kit...

    View attachment 407248

    Second shot was with my old GF1 and 9mm BC lens...

    View attachment 407249
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  2. Halaking

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    Dec 17, 2012
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  3. NoSeconds

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  4. O2BanRRT

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    my favorite HDRs :)

    Here are my favorite HDR shots:

    Ashuapmushuan River in Northern Quebec, Canada. GH2, P 14-140mm

    Grand River, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. GH2, P 14-140mm

    Prague Castle. GH2, Oly 75mm

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    Why is this thread in the native image showcase forum? This forum is meant to house sub-forums for mu-43 native lenses, and images taken with those lenses.

    If you want a thread to show HDR photos try this one. It has 43 pages worth of HDR photography on it, taken with mu-43 cameras.

    I don't meant to come off sounding rude, but this isn't for forum to start a thread like this (especially when there's already a 43 page thread that has been started to showcase the same images).
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    Yeah, there are a lot of similar threads here; as a moderator on a very different VB forum where I would merge such things, I do find it irritating. However, it's probably helps 'SEO', so that may be why no one merges them here?