Show your 360x180 panos and/or remaps here

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    Show your 360x180 panos and/or remaps here. [questions welcome]

    C'mon. I've seen some of you in the Samyang 7.5mm fisheye thread. :) 360x180 panos only, please. (Although if you've got a 360 cylindrical, I guess that would be ok.) There are plenty of threads for the landscape high-res stitcher types. This one's for us crazy VR folks. If it's not a pano where you can sit'n'spin all the way 'round, this ain't the thread.

    However, if you're curious about commencing on this type of panorama, feel free to ask questions! I'm sure we've got a lot of members eager to help out.

    A local used paperback bookstore is going out of business, and I figured I'd try to capture the space for the owner to say thanks for the many fond memories. So I packed up the G3, Rokinon 7.5 fisheye, Nodal Ninja, and tripod, and did my little dance around the panohead all over that space.

    (Exposure fused version).
    Interactive view. (requires Flash and probably broadband).

    Stereographic "little tunnel" [focal point along the equator, rather than the south or north poles] remapping of HDR version.

    Behind the register:
    Interactive view.

    Stereographic little planet:

    Tech stuff for those who are curious about how these are made: I use a tripod and Nodal Ninja panohead to rotate the lens around its no-parallax point in both yaw and pitch. I took 6 shots (or bracketed sets of shots) with the camera in portrait orientation rotated in yaw at 60ยบ intervals, with zenith and two nadir shots/sets, sometimes with a handheld shot/set for nadir patching (to remove the tripod). Exposure fusing was used on high-dyanamic range shots, with all stitching/fusing done in PTGui (but if you prefer free open source tools, Hugin will do, too). Nadir patching also done with Pano2VR and Photoshop. Remappings done with Flexify plugin in Photoshop. Interactive display uses SPi-V for Flickr.

    Two great sources for learning about this type of photography are the panoguide forums, and Eric Rougier's fromparis website.
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    Wow! This looks great. I can't wait to try this out.

    Thanks for the links, I think I have a lot of reading to do.

    I wish I would have jumped on the 7.5mm deal through B-H earlier in the year. That would have saved me a little $$$.

    I may be asking you some questions and trying to figure out all of the new terminology.

    Thanks for getting me started! :thumbup:
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    No worries! Feel free to ask questions, although I may not have the answers. I'm sure there are a few other VR pano shooters here, though, who may also be able to help out, too!

    Soon, we'll be getting you Drostifying. :)