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    As I looked through the various threads on :43:, I realized there wasn't a dedicated rowing thread. Now, this might partially be because rowing is one of the most boring spectator sports in the world, right up there with golf, marathon running and chess. As both a photographer and the coxswain (the little guy who sits in the back of the boat and yells at the rowers to go faster) of the Chase Collegiate boys' 1st boat (6th fastest in New England :biggrin: ), I have made it my mission to snap a photo that captures both the thrill of the sport and agony a rower is probably going through. Our coach has done this perfectly with a video he made last fall, but I'm hoping to take it one step further, and (very proudly) with an Olympus E-PL2, a camera not known for its excellent sports photos...

    If any of you are interested, this is the video; but be warned: If viewed, you WILL have a sudden urge to try it for yourself...

    In any case, if you have any crew photos, post them up!

    Berkshire, 2013

    At the 2012 Head of the Charles in Boston

    And if you're really ambitious...
    My challenge to you is to go to a regatta and try your hand at shooting a team in action on the water. Try freezing a moment, a moment that tells a story.

    Practice on the Housatonic River
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