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Jun 3, 2020
Wow! What a trip down memory lane that was. Applied Technologies was a local haunt for me in the late 70's early 80's. I lusted after a Microbee back then, but was a poor Uni Student working on becoming a not-so-poor uni-student. I never ended up buying one of these but i spent a chunk of time in-store playing with one. I eventually bought a gen-1 Mac in late 1984 which I ended up cracking open and doing a memory upgrade on. I also built up a CP/M card for my girlfriends (now wife) Apple II. Love these journeys! Thank you.


I thought that the Microbee would tickle the fancy of all you Aussies out there! 😁 As I mentioned before I had been raised (from a computer perspective) mainly on the Swedish Luxor ABC-80 and ABC-800 computers but when our school was selected to be one of the ones to try out the new computers I was thrilled! I really loved the Microbee and found the transition to CP/M, and the massive software library that signified, to be really fascinating!

I personally was really sad that they decided to go with COMPIS computers instead of Microbee in the end! Even though COMPIS were Swedish they never really did it for me and I don't even remember ever using it past the pilot project... The Microbee however was a different story alltogether! I never really could let it go and then, in the late 1990's, when my old school auctioned off some old stuff for charity I managed to snag the very same Microbee, complete with dual diskdrives and monitor, that I used to sit and play games on back in 1983! 🤓

Now very many years later as I went through the renovation process of this computer, I have come to appreciate it even more and also marvel at the fact that they made a massive effort with this, as they made a Swedish keyboard with corresponding Character ROM for it! And also the fact that they made the ABC80 application that emulated ABC-80 BASIC on the Microbee! To me that is quite fantastic! 😍

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