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Shopping for a new kit this holiday season

Discussion in 'This or That? (MFT only)' started by mnr3, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. mnr3

    mnr3 Mu-43 Regular

    Nov 3, 2011
    Help those of us shopping stimulate the economy!
    It seems I'm not the only one getting ready to dive into the m43 world and weighing the various alternatives, and I've so far resisted highjacking a few threads like the epl2 vs g3, the defense of the gf2, the "upgrading" issue, kit lens a vs b vs pancake as a starter, the various marketplace threads, etc. Meanwhile, like others, I've been scouring the deals at the various outlets trying to figure out if, for example, an entry-level or past generation body with a decent bundled lens or two is a good way to get started and then bide some time for the premium bodies (e.g. ep3, gh2) to come down in price. the gf2 and gf3 for example practically give the body away for the price of lenses in some packages these days and I expect the holidays will only bring more such pricing.

    So here's the question. Let's assume our intended user is a general enthusiast (i.e. no special needs for a 7-14mm or 200mm) with no native lenses (but maybe one or two legacy) but with the full intention of building up a pretty full kit eventually/long term. Given current market conditions, what would be your strategy? I.E. starting with nothing, where would you put your money? would you skip the kit lens altogether? pick up an older, capable model with a prime? or one of the mini formats that are so cheap right now, knowing that it could be used as the portable back up 2nd body down the road?

    Also, I know that there's a section reserved for deals, but this could also be a spot for keeping tabs on pricing trends for those who need both body and lens (and maybe accessory evf). not terrribly interested in model x vs y, since that is hashed out elsewhere, but if you see particular value equation worth arguing for (or even format), let's hear it. let's say our shopper can easily swing a mid range $700, or splurge $1000, or just get started with a $400-500 outfit, knowing it will eventually serve as back up (i.e. long term is $1000+, but would like to make the best investments, fewest "upgrade" mistakes) does that make sense? both we the consumers and those watching consumer spending thank you:thumbup:
  2. If I was starting right now, I would buy the cheapest body that satisfied my needs: for me, an EVF is essential. I didn't realise this when I started, so had to stump for the VF-2 for my E-Pl1.
    Personally, I rarely sell gear, and prefer not to buy second hand electronics. You just never know where they've been (wet, humid, dropped etc). Modern AF lenses I count as electronic....
    I would personally buy a body only, adding the Panasonic 20/1.7 and Olympus 45/1.8, and then build from there. The Panasonic 12-35mm/(2.8?) soon to come out would be added once the price stabilised, and that would cover it.
    The choice of body comes down to wants and needs. Body wise, I am waiting for Panasonic or Olympus to build an EVF in a rangefinder style body, so I would be choose a small camera to become a back-up later: E-PM1 would be the most likely choice, selling for $449 from Amazon at the moment: sell the kit lens without ever mounting it ($125 or so), put the money towards the 12-35 when it comes.
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