Shooting Slow Mo Video w/ GoPro having lighting issues.

Discussion in 'Filmmaking' started by shanguli, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Sep 16, 2014
    In a couple of days, I'll be shooting and making a slow mo video with a Gopro camera @ 720 P & 120 fps.
    This link ( ) tells you pretty much how to shoot w/ Gopro. So, it appears if I want to do it right with Gopro I'd need to have 2 side lights to illuminate the subjects and background + 2 overhead Key lights to illuminate any shadows cast by the subject.

    But the main issues I have is not having those LED lighting panels, or the budget to buy or rent them. So, I need to look for an alternative.

    So far, I have looked into various ideas like using Fluorescent and work light:

    1-This guy (, talks about using Fluorescent, but @ 3:08 he also points out that Fluorescent lights have the tendency of flickering (giving you those nasty horizontal bars on the screen) etc. I think he may be using the T12, but I don't know if T8 produces the same "nasty bar" effect.

    Although he manages to somewhat get rid of the nasty bar / flickering problem by adjusting the shutter speed on his camera, keep in mind that I won't have that luxury since I'll be shooting with Gopro, which seems to be having "auto shutter" and as the guy in the above Vimeo video says, knowing that Gopro has auto shutter "cranking up a lot of light will allow you to have a really fast shutter speed and eliminate motion bloor...", but that is my main problem, where to get descent quality light!?!

    2- The guy in Indy Mogul video ( talks about going with " $20 Work light" (@ 0:42) which I am also told has the tendency of getting real hot, if not lighting things on fire, and honestly I don't know if it can pull it off in terms of lighting the scene and subj well.... (btw, due to time constraint I can't build a DIY like the Indy Mogul did).

    If you happen to know of a solution please let me know.
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