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    Apr 10, 2015
    With my current job I work 12 hr overnight shifts, a48 and the 60hr workweeks. It pretty much keeps me out of the golden light times. So I decided to focus on night photography on my my short weekends. I've been trying very hard to find unique things to shoot at night and I'm starting to draw blanks. Here are a few things I shot Thursday night. Now back to the maps and internees for research! C&C welcome.

    9022fe21468b9d8adc24f0f70e2f92d1.jpg a18987434d0ee127d84bca382a2291b1.jpg b3bb1d5c3ad2f6c3da9699b25f1c1285.jpg 3b1c39134634e8dd73f0927302709eb2.jpg 52ce897bf17398215b84a4661f449438.jpg 75f16576df5bd533616b007a077aca51.jpg
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