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Share your Golden Hour & Blue Hour Photos

Discussion in 'Scenic, Architecture, and Travel' started by Wasabi Bob, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Wasabi Bob

    Wasabi Bob Mu-43 All-Pro

    I started wondering what qualities make a winning photo? After spending some time on National Geographic’s web site I realized that many of their photos were shot either during the photographers “golden hour” or “blue hour”. The golden hour occurs near sunrise and sunset, where the light is very close to the horizon. Typically, lighting is softer and warmer in hue and the shadows are longer. When the sun is near the horizon, sunlight travels through more of the atmosphere, reducing the intensity. The sun's small angle with the horizon produces longer shadows.
    b-roll.net | Golden Hour Calculator

    Twilight Calculator - "Blue Hour / Golden Hour Table" | JeKoPhoto - Jens Kossmagk Photography | Event-, Natur- and Sport-Photos
    The blue hour refers to the period of twilight each morning and evening where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. To photographers this time is considered special because of the quality of the light. To the eye the sky is a deep shade of blue, but to your camera the sensor usually picks up the sky in a special way. Bruce Dale, the well known National Geographic photographer once told me that it is during this time when he enjoys capturing some vintage neon sign photos.
    I’ve included some links so you can easily determine your local golden and blue hours.
    I thought it might be interesting to share some photo taken during these times.
    I’ll begin by sharing two of my photos.

    Tribute in Light 9/11 was taken on the evening of 9/11/2010 from Jersey City, NJ as the sun was setting. Golden Hour wasn’t even on my mind, but it later motivated me to try this again.

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/wasabi_bob/4988623936/" title="Tribute in Light 2010 - NYC by Wasabi Bob, on Flickr"> 4988623936_185cd4f2b3_z. "640" height="480" alt="Tribute in Light 2010 - NYC"></a>

    One morning on the way into NYC I captured this morning’s Golden Hour

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/wasabi_bob/5125027842/" title="New York Harbor Skyline by Wasabi Bob, on Flickr"> 5125027842_94d861f5a0_z. "640" height="474" alt="New York Harbor Skyline"></a>
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  2. zettapixel

    zettapixel Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 12, 2010
    Awesome shots, Bob! And thank you very much for the links.
    The only shots I got are from my Canons: 300d and 40d, so as acknowledgement of my impertinence I'll post small images.




    These were actually shot by OM 200/5 on Canon 40d



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  3. Luke

    Luke Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2010
    Milwaukee, WI
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  4. WT21

    WT21 Mu-43 Legend Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    That first one blows me away.
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  5. 43hk

    43hk Mu-43 Veteran

    Dec 26, 2010
    HK has a short golden hour (probably 15 minutes) as the sun drops behind the cloud capping Lantau Island.

    This shot is typical for an evening, tried the shadow white balance but cloud wb was closer to what my eye was seeing.

    Virtually no PP.


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  6. Ihavenewfs

    Ihavenewfs Mu-43 Regular

    Coming home

    Had the window seat on the red-eye flight back from Anchorage to Detroit...rare to have a window that was not all scratched-up....could just see the sliver of moon


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  7. Alanroseman

    Alanroseman Super Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2010
    New England
    Golden Hour / GF1 / 20mm / Aperture 3

    Surfside Beach South Carolina

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  8. Wasabi Bob

    Wasabi Bob Mu-43 All-Pro

    Mood of the moment

    Great shot - I like the way the waves caught the light.
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  9. taz98spin

    taz98spin Mu-43 Top Veteran

    May 13, 2011
    I think this is the only one that I have so far..

    Shot with my OM 50/1.8 as the sun was setting

    Magical Road by Taz Spin, on Flickr
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  10. JudyM

    JudyM Mu-43 All-Pro

    May 5, 2010
    Westminster, MD
    My favorite times of day. Thanks for starting this thread.

    The first one was taken with an old point and shoot just after tropical storm Hannah blew through in 2008.


    This was from the Gf1, Topsail, NC.

    View attachment 170001
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  11. wildcat

    wildcat Mu-43 Regular

    Apr 7, 2011
    golden hour

    Some stunning shots here so far. Nice HDR technique.

    No HDR on this one, but it was specifically shot during the golden hour:

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  12. avidone

    avidone Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 24, 2011
    Rome, Italy
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  13. avidone

    avidone Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 24, 2011
    Rome, Italy
    BTW the bluehoursite seems right on, but the "Golden Hour Calculator" gives me some really strange results-- like sunrise a little before noon and sunset a little before 3 pm, which would be extreme for Rome even in late December
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  14. guzziknight

    guzziknight Mu-43 Veteran

    May 18, 2011
    A couple of my Blue Hour shots.

    1. Lillian Webb Park, Norcross, GA

    2. Centennial Olympic Park, 4 Shot Pano, Atlanta, GA

    3. Moonrise over CNN, Atlanta, GA
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  15. stuntman

    stuntman M43 FOR THIRDS 4 EVER

    Jul 6, 2011
    Here's a few from me

    Earht's Bedsheets

    Moon off Long Island

    Moon Shadow

    Moon Rising
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  16. avidone

    avidone Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 24, 2011
    Rome, Italy
    @stuntman--- really like the moon shadow pic
  17. stuntman

    stuntman M43 FOR THIRDS 4 EVER

    Jul 6, 2011

    Thank you!
  18. walt_tbay

    walt_tbay Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 24, 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    Here are some blue hour photos plus one golden hour:

    Parliament Hill, Ottawa


    City Hall, Thunder Bay


    Cityscape Moonscape


    Sunrise, Myrtle Beach, SC

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  19. JudyM

    JudyM Mu-43 All-Pro

    May 5, 2010
    Westminster, MD
    On the beach at 6:24 AM, just in time to catch three fishing boats in a kind of water ballet:

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  20. Tecpatl4

    Tecpatl4 Mu-43 Veteran

    Oct 16, 2010
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