Sexism In Photography? - You Be The Judge!

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by RT_Panther, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. uci2ci

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    Jun 22, 2012
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    Homer Simpson: "Maa-rrge, I've been watching women's volleyball on ESPN" (suggesting that he wants sex)...and this is from an episode that first aired in 1997

    There is no denying that a huge number of people watch women's volleyball for the skimpy outfits. There are also a huge number of people who watch NASCAR hoping for a crash, and people who watch football and hockey hoping for a fight or a tackle that results in a concussion. There is a reason why ESPN will replay a nasty tackle clip over and over and over again, during the game and post-game, because thats what people want to see. Can I wag my finger at a sports photography for shooting what people want to I can't, because sex and violence sell, and they have become an integral part of some sports to the point where they cant be separated. The athletes themselve know it, the team owners know it, even the committees who oversee the sport know it.......yet they don't do much to stop it from happening.

    So no, I can't call the photographer sexist for representing the "sport" as it is seen by the masses.

    I remember quiet well people gawking at Michael Phelps physique last Olympic games....also there were lots of talks and pictures about a certain male rower who was apparently "well endowed". So it goes both ways
  2. dejongj

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    Jun 3, 2013
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    Luckily not every photographer shoots like those samples that have shown. And whilst they are strictly speaking taken at beach volleyball they have nothing to do with beach volleyball. There are loads of 'normal' beach volleyball pictures available...

    I think it is a lot of nonsense, a bit of fun but no grounds to it...
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    Feb 24, 2011
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    There's an old saying in the advertising world:

    Everyone wants to see a good looking woman. No one else get's a second look.

    This applies for men and women both, no matter if the viewer is someone ugly, plain or beautiful.
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