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    I just want to share my very positive experience with Olympus Service Plus.

    As some of you, I also got problem with the rubber skin on the thumb grip getting loose on my e-m1.

    Still having warranty left from the 30 month Service Plus, I decided to give it a try.

    I called the service on Monday afternoon. After only three rings a Swedish speaking guy answered.

    After I did explain my problem he suggested to order a pick up of the camera the next day.
    He also mailed a freight label.

    So I stripped the camera from all removable parts, like battery, strap, flash cover and packed it in a brown box.
    On Tuesday the camera was fetched by a DHL courier.

    On Friday, DHL called and made an appointment for the delivery of the camera.
    It was delivered in an original e-m1 box, new rubber skin, well cleaned and with covers over the flash shoe!!

    So KUDOS to the excellent very fast service Plus from Olympus.
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