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    These shots are from several years ago - - - taken in San Jose, Costa Rica. The one image - that I consider a "favourite" of mine - - - has been displayed different times through the years since I took it.

    While in general I am only interested in one final image where all components come together, I have begun to appreciate the sequence and process I sometimes use, that allows me to arrive at my final shot.

    When I came upon this scene, I was most interested in getting a portrait of the blind street performer with the guitar. Firstly I grabbed an overview shot so that I wouldn't be pointing my camera right at him. Then I moved in for the closeup of him playing.

    As I backed away with my zoom, I became more interested in the woman washing the ground with her bottle of water - and then the man standing behind - and finally noticed a person walking into the scene. I shot that one, and then miraculously - - - everything came together in the fourth shot, where positioning of the 3 main characters was great, and the woman walking through glanced to the side to view the action.

    Just four shots taken within 42 seconds (#1-1:27:59, #2-1:28:28, #3-1:28:37, #4-1:28:41), and then I was contented and moved on.

    Shot 1 of 4

    Shot 2 of 4

    Shot 3 of 4

    MY FAVOURITE - Shot 4 of 4 - I knew I had it and moved on.

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    Great shots and pp! I agree with the last one being THE shot
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