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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by LeftyRodriguez, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. LeftyRodriguez

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    Aug 13, 2014
    After a year-and-a-half, my G6 is finally in need of a sensor cleaning. Back in my dSLR days, I had a cleaning kit with solution and swabs, etc. What's the best way to clean my G6's sensor? Is there a specific swab kit or anything that anyone recommends?
  2. pellicle

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    I've made my own and it works well. Pick a material which is soft and spongy and then make up a swab from a paddle pop stick (trimmed down). I used a sort of sponge material that comes on a roll. its about 1mm thick when unwetted and expands to about 2mm when wetted. You can see the blue on the wetted end in this picture


    For cleaning solution I use "Glitz" which is a local 'windex alike' product that does a great job.

    DO NOT spray the cleaner on the sensor, always apply to the swab and then swab in smooth pulls across the sensor, with overlaps.

    The technique is to gently drag (not push) the wetted (with windex) sponge across the front of the sensor so as to sweep the items off and the windex will assist in the dislodging (and being moist prevent any static attraction).

    When you've done that then use the dry end (again, dragging) to re-sweep the area and the dry applicator sponge will absorb any remaining windex and give you a nice dry surface.

    Job done.

    Total cost was around 2 bucks ... which was the icecream ... which I ate to get the stick.

    remember you aren't cleaning the sensor, but the screen that is there to protect the sensor.

    apply thoughtfully and carefully and you'll be fine.

    read this document by Schneider (the lens maker)
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    I cleaned the sensor on my G5 a couple of weeks ago and it was simplicity itself.

    I used standard cotton buds, isopropyl alcohol and a microfibre cloth. I found it best to roll the cotton head of the bud between your thumb and finger to ensure there are no loose strands then dip it into the ipa and gently wipe down the sensor, working from the middle to the outside. Keep wiping until the alcohol evaporates then finish off by wiping the sensor with the microfibre cloth.

    As mentioned previously, you're actually cleaning the glass cover of the sensor so you won't harm it. My G5 is now tip top.
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    There are proper SensorSwab products available. Personally, I wouldn't go making my own up - if there is any grit or other sharp dust particles on the swab then you'll end up leaving permanent scratches on the surface.
  5. pellicle

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    exactly why I use fresh new unused sections of this foam sheeting off the roll. I happen to have it around the house.

    Naturally YMMV but my mileage has been its a waste of $10 and who knows how special clean their assembly room is anyway ... I doubt its like a HardDrive manufacture room ...
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