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    Jan 26, 2010

    This was a funny situation. I was sitting there with a friend who had a canon slr.

    We both took this picture, I used ISO 200, she was tried iso 400, 800 and a few others.

    Her picture kept coming out black. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with her camera until I realised her kit lens was F4.0 :rofl: She eventually got "something" at iso 1600 or so I think.

    I haven't had lenses to really compare these F-stops to in the dark so this was actually really funny. F4.0 (aps-c) made this picture blank with a few dots of light and F2.8 (m43) made this photo pretty much exactly what I wanted. We were both about 1 second shutter because we had no tripod and didn't really want anything longer hand-held. She was a little jealous and is now going to look for a faster F-stop lens.

    It was kind of a cool picture because it came out a little spooky which is what we wanted. I think it could do with a little desaturation of colour to make it a little more blank&white spooky but ... it's 11:45pm.