Sell EM5 and buy EM1 or keep Both ??

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    Jan 14, 2013

    I am owner of EM5. I like EM1, but i wanted first to sell my EM5 and then buy the new love. Recently found someone to buy the camera and the original grip for 500.00 euro. I have bought both for 1000 euro. i don't now if its diserve to sell it for this amount or keep it as a second body ?? Do you believe somebody who isn't professional photographer need second body ???

    Plz your help, advise..../

    Thx a lot...
  2. mattia

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    What are you missing with the E-M5 that you want an E-M1? I've owned both, but the reason I have the E-M1 now is that the E-M5 was stolen. Image quality is the same, and most of the improvements are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, unless you want t nude olympus 43 lenses with adapter where the PDAF really makes a big difference.

    Right now the E-M5 is a hell of a good value.
  3. Is there a reason why you need the features of the EM1 over the EM10 or EM5? I own an EM1 and it is an excellent camera but to me the price difference between the EM10 and EM1 (£400 vs £900) demonstrates how much of a bargain the EM10 is. I bought an EM10 recently as a back up camera (unfortunately it is faulty and I have to return it) and in terms of photo and video quality the two are identical. Also, the 3-axis stabilisation did not appear to be any less effective than the 5-axis on the EM1 - I only briefly tested this by shooting video. I am currently trying to decide if I will sell the EM1 and get another EM10 with grip. My backup camera was to be a lighter, smaller camera that was a bit more family friendly, but having used the EM10 I've realised that the things I'd be giving up (5-axis vs 3-axis, weather sealing, slightly bigger EVF and ability to use 4/3 lenses) are probably not as important as portability and the £500 that would be saved! That £500 could fund a second hand 12-35mm f/2.8 or 75mm f/1.8!
  4. I've kept my E-M5 alongside my E-M1. I still love the smaller form factor of the E-M5 and it is still a very competitive camera even after almost three years. The advantage of the E-M1 to me is that I have two 4/3 lenses that I still use which focus much faster on the E-M1, and because the colours from the sensor in the E-M1 are easier to work with than the Sony sensor in the E-M5. I don't particularly like the way that Sony sensors in general tend to unnaturally over-saturate colours. I hope that if the E-M5 is replaced this year that it uses the E-M1 sensor which so far hasn't been made available in a smaller body.

    As for whether a non-professional should have two camera bodies; just because you aren't trying to sell photos doesn't make what you do any less important. If two camera bodies help you to better achieve your goals and you can afford them then you should have them.
  5. davidzvi

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    Do you need the features of new body as others have asked?

    If yes, are there places you shoot that you would rather not take the new body? Areas that are not that safe and it could be stolen (note the current thread about a stolen E-PM2) or there's a likelihood of damage? If either is true than keep it for those times.

    Some people like having two bodies, nothing wrong with it. Many have more, still nothing wrong with it, even for non pros. The only thing I would consider is if either of the above are not the case than do you need two bodies that are so similar?
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    I have used two bodies at the same time for a long time because it's far faster than trying to change lenses. The other main reason for a second body is to have a backup in case something happens to the other camera, but if you haven't felt a need for a backup yet, it's probably a stretch to justify a second body at this point (unless you're going on a once in a lifetime trip or have a similar occasion coming up).

    As others have said, actual picture quality between the E-M5 and E-M1 is essentially the same. I don't own any 4/3 lenses so the advantages of the E-M1 are its vastly better EVF and redesigned controls, but those are both comfort and convenience points. I still use, and really like, the E-M5. The reason it's such a bargain today is the reason that it looks so uneconomic when you think about selling it. At this point, with a new Olympus m4/3 OM-D body expected some time this year, maybe the best thing to do is to hold on for a while and see what happens when that's introduced? You might decide it had some killer feature, or it might bring the price of the E-M1 down some. (It would not improve the resale price of your E-M5, though, so if you really are thinking about selling it, now is probably better than later this year.)
  7. DynaSport

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    Jan 5, 2013
    I tend to keep my older cameras for a couple of reasons. First, I keep them till they'll bring so little I don't see much point in selling them. Second, I like having a second camera in case something happens to my new camera. That hasn't happened yet, but electronics do fail and I like the fact I have a second camera in case it does. In fact, instead of selling my old cameras, I tend to give them away to someone I know who is interested in photography but can't spend the money on a new camera. It lets them see if they want to get more into photography or not.

    In your situation, if you think you want to sell your EM-5, now is probably the time to do it. They aren't going to get more valuable over time.
  8. Ross the fiddler

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    Keep both. I like to have complimentary lenses on each so I don't have change lenses & hang them both around my neck on occasions. Also, the E-M1 allows me to use my 4/3's lenses fully too.
  9. Amin Sabet

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    I had both for a while and eventually realized I liked the E-M5 better than the E-M1. So I would at least keep the E-M5 for a few months if you have them both right now.
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    Listen to Amin, keep both for a couple of months to see if you favor one over the other.
    I went through something similar when I got an E-P5 as a backup for my E-M5. After a few months I realized that I always picked up the E-P5 to shoot with because I liked the 2x2 dial setup along with a few other functions. I sold the E-M5 and got a great lens instead. I also got a new GM1 w/15mm f1.7 that I love but I'm still keeping the E-P5. Both cameras are M43s but both serve me in different ways so I will grab the E-P5 for some situations and the GM1 for others or maybe carry both at the same time. They both are very different cameras. You might find that the E-M5 and the E-M1 are very different to you and keep them or you might find they are very similar and choose one over the other. Only you can determine that using both for a few months. Having a choice is very nice.
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