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    Mar 10, 2014
    I just found out about this photography course on Coursera:

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    It's a six week course, completely free(*). It is not about the technical aspects of photography, more about photography as a medium/language/craft. It's composed of short videos and a few lectures.

    The material for the whole course is already available so you can browse through it (after entering the course). It will also remain available after the course ends but only for those who entered while the course was running. The quiz, forum and certification part is only available during the official six weeks.
    The course just started and the first assignment (a simple quiz) is due in 6 days.

    This is part of week two and three contents:

    2.7 Ansel Adams. Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico. 1941
    2.8 Eugène Atget. Pendant l'Eclipse. 1912
    2.9 U.S.G.S. & NASA, Surveyor III. Surface of the Moon, Day 319, W-F. 1967

    3.4 Dorothea Lange. Migrant Mother. 1936
    3.5 Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel. Evidence. 1977
    3.6 Susan Meiselas. Carnival Strippers. 1973-75

    (*) unless you want a verified certificate ($45) instead of the generic certificate. Both are released by Coursera, with your name and digitally signed, but the former verifies that it is really you that is taking the course.
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