Seeing Focus Point in Olympus Viewer Application

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  1. wndrful

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Trying to do some self-analysis to improve photo taking skills.
    I know that OM-D EM5 has ability to show focus points while reviewing pictures on rear LCD screen.
    Is it possible to see focus point on a picture taken in Olympus Viewer SW?
    I can see the properties and all exif and shooting information. Not seeing focus point for each photo.
    Is it possible to have it displayed in Olympus Viewer SW? If yes, then please help.
  2. Ross the fiddler

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    Unfortunately not (that I know of). It would a useful addition though.
  3. Brian Beezley

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    No, but the information is in the RAW EXIF.


    This is a screen shot of the PhotoME EXIF viewer program for a file where I let the camera pick the autofocus point. I don't know what the units are, but AF Areas apparently gives the location and extent of the autofocus area. The next parameter labeled ??? with 0, 0.5, and 0.7 values also varied among the files. Maybe you can decipher all this.

    Edit - I didn't even notice the thumbnail image, which shows the focus point! Note that the camera did not focus on a bird as I intended.


    The focus point information is quite interesting. Too bad it doesn't appear directly in Olympus Viewer 3.


    This is the Debug Information section for a different image. It shows the calculated focus distance.

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  4. zulfur666

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    Jan 30, 2014
    works for the E-M1 files as well. Thanks.