Sd card write speed 20 mb per second is good enough ;;;


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Jan 14, 2013
Here again.

I use an sdcard with speed 20 mb per sec. Is it good enough ;; does speed some how matters in camera speed ;;, i use OMD.



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May 26, 2012
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...I use an sdcard with speed 20 mb per sec. Is it good enough ;; does speed some how matters in camera speed ;;, i use OMD...

Hi PantelisMor!

Do you shoot .jpg, raw, or .jpg+raw?

The 'write' time from the camera to the card can matter - depending on how quickly you want/need to take the next shot. If you've got the OMD in "rock 'n roll" mode (high frames per second mode) because you're trying to catch the runner sliding into home base or the kids chasing the cat then you want to be able to clear the buffer (the part of the camera memory that holds the photo until it's safely written to the storage card) as quickly as possible. In that scenario the faster the 'write' time, the better. Once the buffer is full you cannot take another photo until room is made by writing some of the data to the card.

If you're shooting landscapes and taking time between frames to reposition, etc., then write time is of little consequence.

I am currently shooting raw+jpg (sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both; I'm fickle :biggrin:) and my preferred card is a 32gig 45mbs Sandisk card:

and the time the 'write' light stays on is noticeable. I don't shoot so many consecutive frames that I overrun the camera buffer, but if I take a shot and then look quickly at the 'write' light I can see it is still writing the shot to card. Shooting just .jpg is generally much faster and the 'write' light isn't on for very long at all.

If you haven't been hobbled by overrunning the buffer and having to wait to make the next photograph then 20mb seems to work for you. If you're waiting around for the buffer to clear you might want to get a bit faster card.

I'm intentionally ignoring the upload/read time from the card to the computer - I don't shoot so many photos that upload time is a major concern for me (and the 45mbs Sandisk cards clear pretty quickly); also there are computer speeds to be taken into account, what type of card reader, etc. etc.

I've also got four Sony 16gb cards that work quite well in my E-M5:

Note that I'm focusing :)biggrin:) on still photography; if you're doing video I can't comment much, I'm not a videographer.


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