SB800 and OM-D EM-5-newbie

Discussion in 'Lighting Forum' started by corns5, Jun 20, 2013.

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    May 26, 2013
    I usually do not use my flash much on my D700 cause it's so good with higher ISOs but see that I may need one for my new OM-D. I have a syn cord SC28 and my Nikon Flash SB800, but don't want to fry or de-warrant my new Olympus OM-D! Wondering if I should purchase the new flash Olympus FL600,- may be worth it. I usually use my Lumiquest softbox II on the flash, and as an amateur, that works for me on the D700. I do some macro photography as well, and a flash would come in handy. Any suggestions? :2thumbs:
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    Just me, but chances are good you won't fry or de-warranty your OM-D by using an SB-800 on it. The sync voltage on the new Nikon SBs is <10V, and you're really only in trouble if it's >20 for the OM-D hotshoe. In addition, if the flash is properly seated on the hotshoe, the TTL pins of the Nikon speedlight won't even hit the contacts of the mft hotshoe--they're placed identically to Canon's, and I've used an SB-26 on my Canon hotshoes without any problems.

    However. Your fancy-shmancy SB-800 will suddenly become a super-dumb manual-only flash on an OM-D. SU-4 mode will still work, though. :)

    If you want the Olympus equivalents to iTTL, CLS, FP mode, and all the other TTL goodies, then yes, you'd probably want to spring for an FL-600R to go with the OM-D.

    If, otoh, you just want to use the light Strobist-style off-camera with manual radio triggers, you can probably just use the SB-800 in M mode, and no worries, as long as your triggers aren't Yongnuo RF-603s. You have to mod a Canon RF-603 to be a mft transmitter to get those triggers to work.
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    The SB-800 also works perfectly in Auto mode on the OM-D. Auto mode, in general on the OM-D, has the advantage of no TTL delay. There is a significant delay in TTL mode due to a preflash & metering calculation.
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    the FL600 has a 75 dollar rebate at the moment... I just bought a second one.