Samsung NX-10 for $400

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  1. shnitz

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    It's a secret Woot page, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. I know it's not exactly m4/3, but considering how many users here have multiple bodies and also own NEX's and other small cameras, it's almost like we're collecting these guys like Pokemon cards!

    I'm not incredibly familiar with the Samsung NX-10. I know that they work pretty closely with Pentax to get their photographic products to market, but that was with their SLRs. Doing a quick Google search, this is the same sensor as the Pentax K-7, which is pretty solid. Not earth-shattering like the K-5, but capable in its own right.
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    Nov 7, 2010
    I absolutely love the way this camera fits in my hand. Sadly, other than that it doesn't have much going for it. For the same money you can get a M43 or a NEX that is better. I'm surprised it still sells for this much. If it cracks $200 someday, I'll pick it up.