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    Feb 23, 2011
    Hello, and sorry to sound grand, but there are a lot of intro threads with "hello"!

    I just joined the forum today but am not new to micro four thirds or photography; my dSLR is a Sony Alpha 700 with various lenses but last April I bought an E-PL1 with 14-42 lens. Shortly afterwards I bought the 14-150 lens and then the Panny 20mm and 14mm lenses. The last one is a wow lens!

    I love the compactness of the MFT format and when the GF2 was announced I read the reviews. I then decided I ought to get the GF1 before it becomes obsolete, so went and bought one (with 14-45 lens) last weekend. (I looked at the GF2 but was not keen on the touch screen interface). I've not had the chance to use it much yet but I love the feel and build of it. I'm not sure that my Sony is going to get a lot of use now!

    I just can't decide whether to keep the E-PL1 now I have the GF1.....! :wink:

    Here are a couple of images from my E-PL1:


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    Bluebear, greetings! I think "greetings" goes along with "salutations" a bit better.:wink:

    Many thanks for starting off with an introduction - and photographs, too. I love that happy little meeting of the two dog friends.

    Hmm, decisions decisions about which camera to keep, if you must only keep one. You could start a thread on the This or That forum, if you wanted to.

    I'm very glad to welcome you here Bluebear and look forward to seeing and reading more from you.:thumbup: