Showcase Ricoh Rikenon 35-70 f3.4-4.5 P Macro

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    Aug 19, 2014
    Last year I won a bid on ebay for a Ricoh XR-10 with this zoom and a Ricoh 50mm f2 for a whopping $3.99. I bought this kit primarily for sentimental reasons as the XR-10 was my first SLR I that I bought in high school in the 80s with some hard earned money. I only just got around to testing the 35-70 today and was pretty blown away with how well it performed. I mostly shot at the closest focusing distance. I will definitely try some landscapes with it some other day. Today the light was dim, the shutter speeds slow, and I handheld. I think that I would have gotten even better results with a tripod. These are out of camera raws, with no sharpening applied. All of the macro shots were at 70mm, the other two were at 50mm I believe. I shot everything at f5.6.
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