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    Ricoh Japan, yesterday or today, confirmed that it would issue an M Mount module for its GXR camera body, rather than the much awaited rumour about a m4/3s module. I doubt very much that a m4/3s module would be forthcoming now, or in the future, but the M Mount module is interesting.

    Not only does the M Mount allow the use of said compatible lenses (including the LSM), but it opens up the format for just about any other manual lens on the market (via an adapter). A pretty smart move in many respects. But the interesting thing that I can see with this approach is the potential for an actual FF module to take M Mount and LSM lenses some time down the track.

    I wonder if Ricoh were actually thinking this way from the outset?


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  3. That's actually pretty cool. I quite like Ricohs...
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