Reviews on the Voigtlander Nokton 58mm f/1.4?


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Well, from what I've been reading, this is an excellent lens, especially for the price.
I would buy the one with the CPU chip for my Nikon D300s, and get an adapter for my GF1, giving me an 85mm1.4 and a 116mm1.4.
Sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me!

Voigtlander | Nokton 58mm f/1.4 SL-II Manual Focus

So does anyone own this lens? I've heard great things about the Voigtlanders from my readings on flickr and on these forums, but have had no personal experience with them myself.
I'd love to see some sample images if anyone has them.

This would be my first dive into the world of manual focus lenses, and I'm rather excited. I want another portrait lens for this summer, as I'm going to be doing a lot of senior photos and other related portrait gigs.

So, here's a couple of questions running through my mind currently, maybe you guys can help relieve me of some of them.

~Do I really need this focal length? Take a look at my gear in my sig, and tell me what you think.

~Are there lenses of this length that would be a more valuable investment? (Zeis/Nikon/etc?) 85mm for 400 dollars seems reasonable to me, but if there is a lens which is vastly better for under 1000, I could probably go the distance.

I'd appreciate your thoughts!



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Hi Jamus,

I have had this lens as well as the 40 and 20 since xmas for my D700 and D40. I can tell you that this lens is not good its amazing!

Focus feel, size and weight are all just right, then we get to picture quality.....this little gem along with the 40 put a smile on my face every time i open a shot full screen.. Sharp, great color and sharp!

I have just purchased a cv adapter and will post some shots later over the weekend from my EP2 and GH1.

As far as the focal length it fits well into the portrait range and should be great for head shots and upper body distance permitting (depends how close you like/can work).

On my d700 I use this and my 40 almost exclusively as walk around, I also have the 105 2.5 ais which i use for portraits. (hardly use my 85 1.4 since i purchased this).

On the D40 this lens is my go to portrait lens

I bought the adapter to use these 2 lenses for portrait on the GH1/EP2...



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Sweet, thanks for your thoughts, Tim!
I literally spent most of today looking at reviews and example pictures, and I was sold.
I bought it and a few filters a couple of hours ago on Adorama, ending price was about 420... which is still a LOT cheaper than the nikon 85mm ($1,359.95 :p).I wouldn't want that focal length anyways, because the 300's sensor isn't full, it would set the focal length to be more like 105ish, which is not the right range I would want regardless.

I'm very excited to try this thing out. From what I saw, it has a very soft, almost painterly focus from 1.4-2, but from then on is razor sharp.