Review of Olympus 25 1.2

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    Olympus 25mm f/1.2 review at Mobile01 – 43 Rumors

    This link takes you to 43 rumors where the summary is posted along with the URL to the review. From the 43rumors article:
    • You get a Full frame look when shooting at f/1.2
    • It’s has a very good optical quality even wide open. It’s sharp in the center and has a good performance on extreme corners too.
    • Focus speed is good
    • On the PEN-F sometimes the autofocus struggles to find the focus point on objects that are too blurred because of the shallow depth of field
    • It has strong flare and ghosting in direct sunlight at wider apertures
    • The lens has no distortion issues
    • Only small vignetting at wider apertures
    Looks like a big, expensive, but very high quality lens.
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