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    I was rummaging through some CD's stashed away in a neglected corner of my closet and found an old picture that I took years ago. I'd like to share it.

    It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but in this case that step happens to be a photograph. I was in middle school when I found several cameras in the closet of my parents’ bedroom. After asking about them I learned that they belonged to my grandfather, who was an amateur photographer. I was very young and knew next to nothing about exposure, apertures, f-stops, focal lengths, shutter speeds, or even lighting; however, that did not stop me from loading some film in my grandfather’s Canon F1 35mm SLR and blasting away.

    Needless to say I was lucky to get one or two shots from each roll of film close enough to proper exposure and sharp enough to make out the subject. The photograph below is the first “keeper” of my photography career. Finding this “gem” within the pile of severely underexposed, overexposed, and blurry pictures was exhilarating. It opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of photography, and I wanted to experience that excitement of looking through a package of freshly developed photographs again. Shortly after my initial triumph I was forced to part with the camera. My journey into photography paused for over a decade until I found myself in a sufficient financial position to purchase a new set of gear. I bought two :43: bodies and the rest is history.

    What got you started in photography?

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    The picture that gave birth to a journey

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    My sense of composition has improved in the ensuing years!