RESULTS...Just curious...Marumi 200 or 330 on an Oly 60mm

Discussion in 'This or That? (MFT only)' started by Dave in Wales, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Dave in Wales

    Dave in Wales Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 5, 2011
    West Wales
    I'm curious as to what 'macro' photographers think, and what increase in magnifcation would be achieved by screwing each CU lens onto the front of an Oly 60mm, which already gives 1:1.
    More for discussion really.

    I have an Oly 60mm and am completely satisfied with it, well up to a point. The magnification limiter does drive me nuts on occasions.

    The Marumi CU lenses are........
    DGH 200 and DGH 330.
  2. tkbslc

    tkbslc Mu-43 Legend

    Close up Diopters provide a lot more magnification increase on longer focal lengths.

    For a 60mm macro:
    A 330 (+3 diopter) should take you to about 1.3x magnification
    The 200 (+5 diopter) should take you to about 1.5x magnification

    Both will slightly reduce working distance as well, both by reducing the MFD 20-30mm and adding a fairly thick filter.

    Just for comparison, the same Marumi 200 on a 40-150mm kit zoom takes it from .16x mag to .75x mag. So you get a 5x improvement. On the 75-300 it takes it from .18x mag to 1.34x. So that's a 7.5x increase.
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  3. Dave in Wales

    Dave in Wales Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 5, 2011
    West Wales
    Thanks for that, most helpfull.

    I have a 75-300 also.

    The working distance for maximum magnification is, end of lens to subject approx 52" when set at 300mm.
    Do you have any idea how much the working distance would be reduced by fitting a Marumi 200 or 330.

    Also thoughts on a choice of one or the other, 200 or 330, for both the 60mm and the 75-300mm would be much appreciated.
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  4. tkbslc

    tkbslc Mu-43 Legend

    Since you are buying this to go past the 1:1 that your 60mm can give, I'd get the strongest one (Marumi 200)

    That should give about 1.5x mag on the 75-300 with 500mm MFD (so working distance is MFD minus the length of lens at full zoom). You can change magnification by zooming out, so it is pretty versatile. However, your minimum is still going to be about .40x magnification. You can't get anywhere close to non-macro focusing distances.

    You are going to lose about an inch of working distance on the 60mm and you'll be locked between .4x and 1.5x Magnification
  5. Dave in Wales

    Dave in Wales Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 5, 2011
    West Wales
    Many thanks yet again.

    I am interested in the 60mm of course, but now I'm also interested in what I can achieve with the 75-300 and that 'vast' working distance of 52"......Pure luxery.

    To this end I will be testing the following items.

    Maruni 200, 5 Diopter.
    Maruni 330, 3 Diopter.
    Raynox 150, 4.8 Diopter.
    Auto extension tubes, 10mm and 16mm thick.

    The Maruni 200 and Raynox are for image quality comparisons. I have read a user report saying in his tests the Raynox was far superior.
    The extension tubes are for 'lets-see-what-I-get' trials.

    I will post my results and findings ASAP, but please don't hold your breath.
  6. tkbslc

    tkbslc Mu-43 Legend

    You mean with the tubes? Because as I said it's only going to be a little over a foot working distance once you add the closeup lenses (500mm - length of lens at full zoom). Stacking the two tubes on the 300mm should just about double the magnification to .36x. Those have a greater effect on shorter FL, so you may find they give you more magnification at 100mm than 300mm. You'll have to experiment on that one because the math isn't obvious.

    On the 60mm macro, the tubes should take it to 1.5x mag (same as Marumi 200) but without affecting working distance.
  7. Dave in Wales

    Dave in Wales Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 5, 2011
    West Wales
    This is getting interesting, thanks for your time.

    The Maruni 200 and 330 should arrive today, Saturday. The tubes and the Raynox are promised early next week.

    I mentioned above a test carried out, Maruni 200 vs Raynox 150.
    It came from the Pentax forum......
    I would not have considered a 'laptop' screen to be a suitable candidiate for a CU lens test myself, but there-ya-go.

    I have posted previously my impressions of tubes on a 60mm.....

    However, I may have been incorrect in my statement about the Digital Converter.
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  8. Dave in Wales

    Dave in Wales Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 5, 2011
    West Wales
    Oly 60mm f2.8 macro
    Oly 75-300mm f4.8-6.7
    Marumi Achromat DHG 200 (+5)
    Marumi Achromat DHG 330 (+3)
    Fotga Automatic Extension Tubes 10 and 16mm thick.

    My intention was always to keep one or the other, never both, for use with my 60mm and 75-300mm.
    It's all a bit of a trade-off between...magnification, light loss, working distance, image quality and cost.

    Why go and stick an Achromat on the the front of the fabulous 60mm, it can only reduce IQ.

    The tubes have won !

    Results...60mm/Extension Tubes
    60mm, no tubes.....Magnification 1:1..Working distance 75mm
    60mm + 26mm (10+16) extension tubes...Magnification 1.6:1..Working distance 67m

    The Marumi Achromat Lenses, both the 200 and 330, when attached to the 75-300 did not function satisfactorily between 150 and 300mm, the image was 'fuzzy', lacked contrast and would not focus.
    This is confirmation of what I have read on the Pentax Forum.
    Canon and Raynox Achromats are not optimised above 300mm FF which I take to mean 150mm in M4/3 with a crop factor of 2.

    Results...75-300/Extension Tubes.
    Focal length set at 300mm.
    With no ET...Magnification...0.18:1 Working distance, no hood...51.5"
    With 10mm ET...Magnification...0.25:1 Working distance...42"
    With 16mm ET...Magnification...0.27:1 Working distance...39"
    With 26mm ET...Magnification...0.34:1 Working distance...35"

    I doubt the tubes will get much use with the 60mm.
    However the 75-300 is a different matter, they will give me a 'reasonable' magnification at a decent working distance.
  9. dwkdnvr

    dwkdnvr Mu-43 Regular Subscribing Member

    Aug 8, 2012
    Interesting. I have a Raynox 150 that I got a step-down ring for and have tried it with my 60mm. I estimate 1.3 to 1.4x which seems consistent with what you report above for the Marumis. I'm not sure this is a significant enough increase to bother with in most cases. I had though about tubes, and the results you got seem to suggest they might not be a bad option as they result in less of a decrease in working distance.
    this is largely future considerations, though. I'm still very much learning with the 60mm and 1:1 is fine for now. My best results by far have been with flash, and so I have a lot to experiment to come up with a decent flash arrangement/technique.
  10. tkbslc

    tkbslc Mu-43 Legend

    Interesting that the Achromats did not work for you. I used a Sony +3 Diopter (VCL3358) on a Canon 250mm zoom on 1.6x crop (400mm eq) with excellent sharpness and roughly 1.4x magnification.
  11. Dave in Wales

    Dave in Wales Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 5, 2011
    West Wales
    I was very fortunate to pick up one of these, Oly SRF-11 as new, for under half price.
    Fabulous piece of kit, works like a dream with the EM1 and 60mm.

    Picture borrowed from Google Images
    15917343018_bd04f7e0aa_z.jpg RF-11 by Dave in Wales, on Flickr
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