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Apr 30, 2013
Sweden (Gothenburg)
I have searched some time for a solution for this one, couldn't find it really but did some research on the matter.

If you have the in-camera aspet ratio to something else than 4:3, say like 16:9, it records every pixel from the 4:3 sensor anyway. It just pust a crop parameter on the raw-file ORF. When viewing the files in the camera you might see ALL pixels and a frame around that shows the crop. But when importing in Lightroom it sets the crop to that you have chosen. There is no convienient way of going back to use all the 4:3 image.

But the amazing command-line tool Exiftool fixes this easily, with the following command it resets the file to 4:3 using all the recorded pixels, making a backup copy of the original file also:

exiftool -AspectFrame="0 0 0 0" -AspectRatio=4:3 FILENAME.ORF

I actually had a hard time to get it to work having the exiftool.exe in the path, I had to move it to the actual folder to not get this strange error message (couldn't find something in blabla.par or something).

Could be old news, but not for me :) glad that I can now use the full height of my photos because sometimes I crop to much when framing the shot :)

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