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Very interesting read, @apete!

I have a few fountain pens which I've smuggled from that parallel world, nothing too fancy but I'm partial to Kaweco's Sport model. I need fine or extra fine nibs because I'm left handed and laying down a minimal amount of ink is the only way I can avoid smudging.
Interesting. That's a good tip for left-hand dominant ones using fountain pens. I am ambidextrous but use my right hand for writing.

But it is oh so satisfying to write with such a pen, and on nice paper.
Totally. Rhodia, Tomoe and Clairfontaine are all good and available but they come at a price for such satisfaction. I found out, after browsing around a Japanese store, that their regular stationery products handle different inks pretty well. I write without lines and use A5, generally. After our major COVID lockdown, their stocks are low so I had to buy in bulk overseas from Muji to continue feeding my aggressive writing behaviour.
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For an interesting wonderland, pen-wise, in this universe, you might want to have a look here:
The site is useful for quick references but we still get equivalence people once in a while. Most of them are collectors though and spend time priming, maintaining and restoring their pens.

Me I'm happy with my old Sheaffer school pen, a fountain pen.
My daily is a Pilot MR3 with a Japanese medium nib and is made in Japan. Many consider this the Toyota Corolla of pens. I think so too. I think its a good pen both for hardcore users and those who are willing to enter into the fountain pen world without breaking the bank.

I used the Lamy blue-black ink as my daily ink and now prefer the Waterman Serenity Blue ink for overall performance and satisfaction. I still have some Iroshizuku left but that is for proper writing sexiness.

I almost got GASsed into buying Pilot's NZD 400 counterparts but, just like in photography, a good antidote to GAS is to use the gear that one has extensively. After a few hundred pages, pen GAS went away gone for me.

oooo a 61, nice pen :biggrin:
Indeed, it is. My grandma had one and it's up for restoration now. It's amazing how a well-restored one costs today.

People in Japan have an interesting fountain pen culture. They even have shops to realign their nibs and do some performance corrections.

If one is really after collectibles that are really reliable, Nakaya pens are the go-to. They can cost a lot but I was told that the writing experience is way, way up there.
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CAUTION: If you are an avid writer/fountain pen lover, you may get GASsed after viewing their website.

Now I realised after typing this that fountain pen = camera and ink = lens in the parallel world. Haha. Cheers.


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Dec 10, 2016
My favourite daily writer:
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Kind regards, Wim


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Apr 24, 2018
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Back when I was a blogger, I wrote a post about trying out some budget fountain pens, which I just remembered. Here it is, with photos taken with my Olympus "gateway drug", the little XZ-1 compact.

Oh you should have kept the 51. :biggrin: GREAT pen.
The only problem is, buying a used one where the person before used RED ink. For some reason, dried RED ink is really really hard to clean out. I've spent three WEEKS of daily cleaning, and I still got red ink coming out. :(
Lamy Safari is a nice beginner pen, and the interchangeable nib makes it easy to try different nib size/types. I like the Joy, which is a Safari with a tail like a desk pen, so it balances well in the hand.
I had two Noodler's pens, and could never get either to work properly, and gave up on them. :(
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