Removing an object in Lightroom 5

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by Aushiker, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. PA170012.

    In this image, there is a red light buoy just to the left of the bow of the Libra Leader which I would like to remove from the image. *There was also a small boat in the image which I was able to remove using Lightroom 5 but for some reason I cannot remove this buoy.

    I have referred to both Martin Evening and Victoria Bampton's books on Lightroom and tried the Clone and Heal tools without luck. *Is there something else I should be doing or is the object of such a nature I need to get into Photoshop?

  2. fransglans

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    Jun 12, 2012
    get adobe cs2 from their website. its free and a much better tool when it comes to cloning and stuff like that!
  3. demiro

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    Unless I am misinterpreting what you want to do here Andrew even the retouch tool on Picasa (free) will make short work of that buoy.
  4. RamblinR

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    Use the spot removal brush.
    Set it to clone
    When you brush over the buoy ensure the new selection by lightroom lines up with the sea (you can move it)
    Check the feather on the brush works for the purpose.

    Should work fine.
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    As RamblinR points out there shouldn't be an issue if you pick the correct source are for the clone. Often LR picks a not useful source area for cloning and so,you get poor results. When you spot heal there are two circles, one is the defect you want to remove the other the source for covering up the defect. If you along the two circles horizontally so they line up on the horizon the same it should make short work of the buoy. In some cases using multiple smaller spots works better than a single large one.
  6. Thanks everyone. I found the problem, me :frown: It turns out I had the opacity slider to far to the left and hence it was leaving the buoy there after I removed it. As soon as I moved the opacity slider further to the right the buoy vanished ... duh!