Remembering 9/11

Discussion in 'The Watering Hole' started by Djarum, Sep 11, 2013.

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    May 16, 2013
    Perhaps it comes from having lived with the post-9/11 world for almost half my life, but I don't seem to attach the kind tragedy that I used have for that day that. It was just the first of many tragedies that left both America and the Mideast far worse off than before. It's been an unfathomable waste of human life for all.

    On the other hand, the whole day remains completely surreal. That. Actually. Happened. At the time we all felt it was just the opening shot of a great war. The worst was always yet to come. Just around the corner. The next clear, sunny Tuesday. Instead it stands alone as a complete freak of an event. Nothing like it happened before. Nothing comparable has happened since.

    Yet...we all are living with the consequences of it. From the people who lost their loved ones that day, to those around the world who lost their own loved ones since. Those photos are a fantastic record of how personal these huge events are. Lives lost. Lives shattered. Monuments destroyed. Families broken. Cities bombed. Culture lost. Nations overturned. A father missing his daughter's birthday for the rest of her life.

    I've lived with 9/11 for almost half my life. I still don't know what it means.
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    I'll never forget where I was when it happened, came home from 3rd shift watched it live on TV....unreal...hard to believe that actually happened...
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    I think for many of us who didn't grow up during Vietnam or WWII, it for us is like our Pearl Harbor.

    Even during Pearl Harbor, the rest of the country really was in the dark until well after it happend. With 9/11, we saw events completly unfold in real time. I think surreal is the word of the day.
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    Two events in my life in which I recall exactly where I was and what I was doing -- 9/11 and Challenger space shuttle explosion.
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