Refurbished E-M5?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by clbaker, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. clbaker

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    Sep 30, 2013
    Hello, I am new to this forum and visit occasionally. I am considering purchasing a manufacture refurbished E-M5 and was wondering if anyone has any information as to the quality and reliability of units that have been refurbished by Olympus.

    My options are the refurbished E-M5, a new E-P5 then the E-PL5. I'm leaning toward the E-M5 because it has the VF and price point but don't want to buy a "lemon".

  2. Replytoken

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    May 7, 2012
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    Welcome to the forum. I purchased a refurbished E-PL2 with two lenses from Olympus last year. Other than a very tiny hairline scratch in the LCD, everything looked and worked fine. Olympus used to offer a 30-day return policy on refurbished gear. If it is still available, give it a go.

  3. AdamSF

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    Oct 13, 2013
    San Francisco, CA
    I got my refurbished E-M5 today. It looks brand-new.
  4. RakSiam

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    Oct 11, 2013
    I got my E-M5 as a refurb back early in the year. It seemed like brand new to me. Has served me very well, probably 10K shutter clicks so far. Great camera.
  5. Clint

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    Apr 22, 2013
    San Diego area, CA
  6. Ramsey

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    Jan 9, 2013
    Zagreb, Croatia
    I got a 2 year warranty on a refurbished epm1, without additional 100$. It came in handy, as i noticed some things only after 7-8 months. Still, minor flaws...

    definitely would recommend buying a refurbished product, as long as you have a warranty of some kind. I would prefer it over buying from someone without any warranty whatsoever (even on this forum, no offense to anyone). Also, they should at least check the functionality at the level of their quality control and completely replace broken parts.
  7. RakSiam

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    Oct 11, 2013
    I got mine from Cameta Camera and they included a one year warranty for free

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