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Dec 16, 2011
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William B. Lewis
So I am considering the possibility of camera upgrades...

I have an E-PL1, a VF3 & a 17/2.8 and a fair number of adapted manual focus lenses.

I am considering either a

E-PL5 or E-PM2 for a body upgrade? Only ~$20 difference at Amazon right now.

Or a 25/1.8 lens.

Help me make a case for one of them...


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Jan 31, 2011
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I'm still shooting with an E-PL1 as well. What are you looking to gain with regard to a body upgrade? The reason I ask is that to me the main advantage of a newer PEN body would be the faster AF, which won't show through on lenses like the 17mm f2.8 or your manual lenses. There would also be the advantage of the newer sensor, but then again I don't think the E-PL1 is holding you back with the glass you've got. If you already had newer lenses that the slow AF of the E-PL1 was holding back I would say definitely upgrade the body to either of the two options you mentioned (The E-PL5 only if your require the flip screen).

On the other hand, the 25mm f1.8 would give you a FL and aperture for lower light shooting that you don't have with your current setup, however, the lens's AF speed obviously wouldn't be maximized on the E-PL1. The IQ would still be very good and the f1.8 aperture would allow you to either shoot with faster shutter speeds in lower lighting conditions or use more than a stop lower ISO than you're shooting with now (with the 17mm).

I'm in a similar position, my only lenses being the E-PL1's kit lens and a Sigma 60mm along with a bunch of MF glass. I've been wanting a camera with a tilting touch screen, EVF, better high ISO performance, and faster AF but I don't really have the m43 glass to require it (at least the AF part). I've considered an E-M10, E-M5 and an E-PM2, but in the end I ordered a Panasonic G5 kit (for about $250) as I couldn't justify the cost of the OM-D models and figured the G5 would offer me better ergonomics with my legacy glass for both photos and video.
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