Red Raven - 16.5 stops of DR!

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    RED Cinema's new "entry" camera has a 10MP sensor that is roughly APS-C size and can do 16.5 stops of DR! That's significantly more than the best FF cameras. The camera starts at "only" $6000. It's made for video, obviously, and does 4.5k (9.9MP) at 120fps or 3k at 160fps. Imagine the stills mode from this thing, shooting action in harsh light and pulling detail never dreamed of from highlights that never blow.

    With companies like RED doing things like this on the more expensive end, and Panasonic doing 4k everything on the consumer end, where will we end up? $1200 cameras with 8K video at 16 stops of DR? Extracting medium format quality landscapes from video frames?

    Anyway, I thought it was cool. If you are interested, here's a demo video that may be very mildly NSFW:

    Specs: RED RAVEN BRAIN Deposit | RED Digital Cinema store (US)

    And this is kind of interesting, a video of a photographer who used RED's first 5K camera 3-4 years ago for portrait work with still extraction. He mentioned the rig was $80k at that point. Well sounds like we are about there for 1/10 that now.
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    Interesting, I hadn't seen this one! Certainly is an interesting "little" rig, though that price still makes the A7r II look cheap...

    I'd also be a little bit skeptical of taking that quoted 16.5 stops of DR as gospel. Every manufacturer measures these things a bit differently. For instance, Sony claims 15.3 stops of dynamic range for the A7S, while DXO claims it has 13.2 EV only (i.e. just about 0.5 stops more than a GH4).

    I guess conceivably that sort of dynamic range is available with some sort of log gamma grade, but that compresses your tones, so unless you have a much greater bit rate, you aren't necessarily going to improve image quality any over a proper exposure intended to protect highlights.

    And given that it's only 10MP, I don't think any medium format landscape photographer is at all concerned about losing their meal tickets over a setup like this. Or were you referring to 8K for that, specifically? 33MP is obviously a much different ballgame...
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    David Dornblaser
    Very interesting. The price is getting "reasonable".