Recommendation for a new (second) camera.


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May 5, 2015
I have a leather half-case on the E-M5.ii and find that the grip-bump on the case is sufficient to make it comfortable for me. I might yet get a grip to have on it but the case is quite a decent solution.
Aug 13, 2014
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Following @scb Steve, I have a grip on my EM10-mk2, and it has never come off.
The EM10 is so much easier to handle, for me, with the grip on.
But I could take the grip off, if I want to make the EM10 more compact.

Would I do same with the EM5, probably, then the EM5 becomes more bulky, and closer to the EM1.
But you can remove the add-on grip from the EM5.

I have the same strategy. I have L-brackets for my EM1 III and EM5 III. I usually use the 5.3 w/o the bracket/accessory grip, but if I plan to use bigger lenses (like the 12-100) with it, I'll put the grip on. Ditto with the L-plate. I usually leave it off, but put it on if I think I'm going to use it in portrait mode on a tripod. Easy enough and gives me the flexibility to "size" the camera to the need. Like the 5.3 by itself for a compact kit. It's almost as small as the EM10 II. Add the L-bracket if I need a better grip or anticipate using a tripod.
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Apr 20, 2020
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John ...

I have owned (and loved) my Olympus OM-D E-M5 since 2013. It is still in a very good condition but now I want a second body. I am not a professional photographer, only a so-called "enthusiast" photographer: street photography, family photos, portraits, travel photography, and lately, also I started to take photos of the projects that my daughter, an interior designer, is working on. I do not use the camera for video.

I want (not need) a second body for two reasons:

1. I just simply fancy the idea of holding, learning, and enjoying a new camera, for the pleasure of playing around with something new and different. I also want the new camera to be an upgrade from the E-M5.

2. To have a different lens on each body(no need to change lenses all the time)

I was considering the OM-D E-M5 Mark II, but I had no success in finding a new one. I have found 2 second-hand 5Mark II but the owners are far away from where I live. I have no car to travel there and during this COVID period, I also prefer to travel as little as possible via public transportation, certainly not to search for a second-hand camera. Plus, I am not such an expert to make the right evaluation about the mechanical condition of a used camera unless I see something broken or suspicious. So it will be something new and not second-hand.

So now I am considering an E-M5 Mark III or maybe an E-M10 III (which cost half the price of the E-M5 Mark III) The E-M10 III is great for my budget, the E-M5 Mark III a bit more than my budget but to too much and an E-M1 Mark II is far from my budget. Maybe the E-M5 Mark III could be a mini E-M1 Mark II?

For my needs that I have described, which of these two do you think I would better off?

Thank you very much.

Or Olympus E-M1 MkII (reconditioned) from their store for USD 874 here:

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