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Hi all,

As I'm fairly new to photography with my GF1, and have only just considered adding to my 20mm and standard kit zoom, I'm a little 'green behind the ears' in all areas related to legacy lenses.

Anyway, that not withstanding, I took the plunge and picked up a cheap OM 50mm on ebay last night, just for the heck of it.

My question is, can anyone recommend a good adapter for this? I've searched ebay and there are so many different options and it seems some are better quality than others.

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After some frustrating experience I had with 3rd party chinese adapters for Nikon F and Canon FD -- I was compelled to get the Voigtlander Nikon F-->m4/3 and Novoflex MFTCAN Canon FD -->m4/3 adapters. The Chinese Nikon adapter suffered from a light leak (fixable, but undesirable) and the Canon FD adapter had a slight "play" at the m4/3 mount end that caused my E-PL1 display to black out at the "wrong end of the play".

With the above not-so-great experience, I personally would suggest you pay the extra and go for a reputable adapter. For OM lenses you have the option of buying the OEM OM->m4/3 adapter MF-2, which is what I would recommend. I know there are many users using their chinese adapters without a hitch (and for many non-mainstream legacy mounts they are the only choices) but somehow I was not as lucky myself :-(
I have the Novoflex for Pentax K. It was expensive but worth it because I have a lot of Pentax lenses. I recently got a Konica 40mm, I'm not thrilled with the adapter I got for it. I have some infinity focus issues with it. Unfortunately Novoflex doesn't make one for Konica, so if anyone has suggestion on this I'm all ears.

If you are going to end up using a lot of legacy lenses I would think it's worth it get a really well made one like a Novoflex.


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I have bought a few from rainbowimaging (eBay) and have been happy with them. I just got the Konica one yesterday and it in fact an RJ Camera adapter (and they are considered to be quite good as well).


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Well, received my new lens this morning. It has not front or rear caps, so I'll need to pick some up, but all in all it looks in good condition.

Now, just have to wait for the adapter to arrive, which I bought from JinFinance on ebay.


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+3, they are my first choice unless they do not carry the one that I want. By the way, it seems that his Chinese name is really "rainbow"
+4, I just got my Pentax one from him as well this week. Not necessarily the cheapest (but below average on cost). He doe stateside shipping and tracking which is very good. Quality is adequate - not as smooth as I would like but everything lines up properly. If I start using more adapted lenses (especially Leica) I would probably invest in higher quality adapters as Stanleyk and Naturecloseups recommend.

I have a T-mount adapter I purchased from overseas that has not show up yet that I bought 10 days ago apparently on the slow boat from China. But that is the price of saving a few dollars.


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... He doe stateside shipping and tracking which is very good.
Delivery to the UK is good too. Usually less than a week. And when he mistakenly sent me the wrong adapter on one of my orders, he sent off the correct one immediately without waiting for me to return the wrong one and refunded my postage when I returned it. You don't get that from many eBay suppliers!

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RainbowImaging on eBay

I bought several different adapters from RainbowImaging / so far. They work as they should. For me not better or worse than others and reliable.