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Sep 3, 2018
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I'm using my G9, 25/1.7 and a 10mm tube to digitize negatives and would eventually like to revisit the slides that were already done and see if there's any improvement. I 'm getting good result but can't help but wonder if a standard macro lens would be better. One issue is that the 25 has slight barrel distortion with the tube, and trying to correct it results in the same amount of pincushion.

The Panny 30 is a consideration, but I don't shoot enough macro to warrant it, and the 25 is so close in FL it would be redundant. The other option may be a legacy glass macro that will do 1:1 or so and doesn't cost a bunch. The Minolta 50 2.8 for around $100 looks nice, my concern here is that the 35mm equivalence of 100mm is going to give me a problem when trying to frame negatives and focus on a copy stand. Based on that, it seems a 20-30mm macro would be the best choice, but I could be wrong here with no real world experience to use as a barometer. Any advice on the FL would be appreciated.

I already have K, A, and MD mount adapters, so those would be preferred, but I'm open to others.


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Apr 21, 2015
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I'm going on my understanding of Nikon macro lenses to help.

The 55 Micro was best suited for flat-field, copy stand work. Not as good for 3-D subjects.

The 105 Micro was best suited for 3-D subjects. Not as good for flat-field, copy stand work.

The 200 Micro was best suited for 3-D subjects at a distance. Not as good for flat-field, copy stand work.

In your case, we want to approximate the 55 Micro. I'd opt for the Panny 30 as being closest in focal length (60mm equiv.).

You can also opt for a more specialized setup with a duplicating bellows (Nikon PB-4) or similar.


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Oct 29, 2018
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I use my P30mm. it's perfect. But then I also have a use for it as a single-lens walkaround option. It's great for that - a nifty sixty, as it were.

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