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Discussion in 'The Watering Hole' started by kauphymug, Aug 2, 2016.

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    May 1, 2015
    Cowford, Florida
    The first computer monitor I looked at had a green screen. Why green? There were no color programs all were utilitarian.

    They didn't call them monitors anyway they were referred to as CRTs (cathode ray tubes). My first computer with the green screen CRT, I think it was 10 inch. With an impressive resolution of about 160 x 200, text filled the screen with about 8 or 10 lines.

    Zoom to the 21st century.

    In all this time through all the monitors I've owned I've never seen a real live dead pixel that I knew of, until now.

    I have a Asus 279Q piping out a resolution of 2560 x 1440 through a display port on a graphics card. (My new motherboard has a built in display port.)

    The other day I was looking at some pics my daughter had taken in Alaska. The first pic had a tiny white dot in the sky I thought was maybe a star since it was taken late evening.

    The next pic had the same dot in about the same place. It's on the screen. Flick, flick. Lens tissue, rub, rub. Nope, must be on her sensor.

    Lightroom to the rescue!!! Click, Click, click. Nope still there. Zoom in and it's still there.

    Got to be a dead pixel. I've heard of those.

    I you drew diagonals on the screen the dead pixel is centered.

    As I've scanned through each pic my attention is drawn to the little white dot.

    I had an old car with a shorted out idiot light I fixed with a piece of black electrical tape but I guess that's not an option.

    I do have colored artist pencils but changing the dot to match the color in the photo would be a pain where I sit.

    So-o-o learn to live with the white dot centered on the screen staring right at me, yeah.

    Anyway my motherboard just croaked and I'm awaiting the new assemblage to build my very last, final, won't be anymore (I'm 73) desktops to hook to my monitor with the dead pixel.
  2. tkbslc

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    Yes, sadly those are like a mosquito bite. You don't even notice it until you accidentally touch it, and then after that it is all you can think about! As soon as you know the pixel is stuck, that is all you can see!

    A dead pixel is actually dead. Meaning it doesn't display any light. So if you have one that is stuck white, that means it works and is just stuck "on" with all colors firing. So that is good news in that it is still capable of displaying light. Often you can get it working properly again:

    Dead pixel have you down? These tricks might revive it

    Also, just leaving it off for a while (as you are waiting for your new computer) may also do the trick.
  3. kauphymug

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    May 1, 2015
    Cowford, Florida

    Maybe not dead but severely wounded. It's been that way for some time so it's kind of like it has lost the desire, call it dead.
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