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    and so it begins
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    After declaring mightily (and pounding my chest) that I would NEVER use my E-M10 for shooting adapted lenses because it "couldn't possibly match my Sony" I am sitting here with a couple of adapters (MD and AR) and finding that the E-M10 is pretty darned nice for using with adapted lenses.

    In fact my protests that there seemed to be something "missing" from the images that I was getting from the E-M10 relative to my other cameras has also fallen by the wayside. It turns out what was missing was some 40 year old glass strapped to the front of the camera. I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise since several years ago I did much the same when I sold off all my native glass (a PL25 and PL45 among them) and went with a motley crew of OM and Konica glass.

    I'm not saying that the legacy lenses are "better" but I will say that I vastly prefer the look I get from them. So the P14/2.5 is off to its new owner and the P20/1.7 is likely to follow suit. My plan for the E-M10 to be my compact AF kit lay in ruins but that's fine. I like the images I'm getting and that is all that really matters. Whether its my familiarity with these old lenses (I've been using them for years on other platforms) or just a weird personal quirk is really of no importance. The P14 and P20 produce great images as you see people posting them all the time but they just didn't work for me, what I am doing now is working great and I'm happy with it.

    Props to the E-M10 (and Olympus) for being a really nice platform to use adapted lenses with. Now for a tiny bit of criticism (cue the angry mob) I think focus peaking on the E-M10 is pretty terrible. That said, the magnified view works really well and the EVF is good enough even with my vision problems. I have been able to get a high number of sharp images. I'm sure the IBIS has also helped considerably.

    I'm off to create images now but it seemed only fitting to come back and admit that I was wrong. I'm ready for my helping of crow now.
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    I use legacy glass on my E-M10. I thoroughly enjoy it.

    I also agree the peaking is not well implemented. The mark II is supposed to be a bit better.