Ray's Place: The Strummers

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    Ray owns a coffee house in San Jose. There's a morning rush and a lunch rush, but the rest of the time it's very quiet. He doesn't get bored, though, because he's a strummer, and passes the time working on his repertoire and technique. He usually closes at 6PM, but on Friday, he hosts a late night Open Mic Night. I attended for the first time last night, and was very impressed by the musicians who signed up to play the allotted 2 songs. They were mostly old timers, though younger than me, who acquired their skills over decades of strumming. Their styles ranged from jazz instrumentals to crooning old tunes.

    The Strummers

    Ray, The Korean Crooner

    Tony, a gifted instrumentalist and guitar teacher

    Joe, a picker with a great ear

    I don't know the other guys' names, but some of them reminded me of performers of yesteryear.

    "Burl Ives"

    "Johnny Cash"

    "Don Ho"

    "Bobby Dylan"

    "Roy Orbison"

    I took last night's shots with the fl-36r, and it was a chore. It confirms how amazing Nikon's flash system is, and convinces me to keep my d700.
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    Hey All,

    Nice set! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a Snark affixed to a guitar. :smile:

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    nicely done, thanks for sharing UF.
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    Thanks, Ed, Dave! I appreciate the feedback.