RAW processing helps equalise cameras (GH1 - E-M5)

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    It is said often enough that Oly users are quite happy with their camera JPG outputs and that using RAW brings the Oly and the Panasonic cameras closer together. With that in mind last week I was visiting a friend with an E-M5 and thought I'd give it a careful look over and take some images to mull over in comparison to my GH1.

    As expected the JPG's from the cameras were strongly in favor of the Olympus (with the Panasonic looking quite dull).


    But with a little processing I was able to get it much closer to the Oly (and indeed into many other things too).

    from this:

    to this:

    which has advantages and disadvantages over the Oly JPG.

    I basically used photomatix to convert the RAW and added a small amount of masking (which is what the details enhancer does) at low levels, then used the output through a bit of sharpening (two layers 0.9pixels@90% and 25 pixels@20%).

    Of course other settings can be done to taste ... but it showed me that (unless you lean on JPG for everything) there was not so much difference between the E-M5 and my trusty old GH1.

    So for those wondering if they should upgrade their older Pana gear or those wondering about picking up a cheap body used RAW processing levels the field somewhat.

    A few more images on my Blog here