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Discussion in 'Nature' started by Rockinggoose, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Rockinggoose

    Rockinggoose Mu-43 Regular

    Two pairs of rare Garganey duck flew into my patch yesterday, only the third time on record, probably all the way from tropical Africa. This attractive cousin of the teal only breeds in small numbers in the UK, probably less than 100 pairs and is usually quite secretive so it was a privilege to see them. They were mainly hunkered down almost hidden around 100 metres away so my shots are not exactly top notch but the combination of the E-M5 and Canon 400mm in MF mode gave a good account of itself. The 7D with the same lens using AF did not do so well.

    The Drake:


  2. juangrande

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    Dec 2, 2012
    Nice beautiful duck! 400mm hand held/ mono/ tripod? Looks cloudy too. Unless you've tried it, you don't no how difficult it is to get a sharp shot at that distance and light.
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