Random Thought About HDR Image Sensor Technology

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by MajorMagee, Jul 20, 2013.

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    I just had a random thought about the technical possibilities for image sensors. Wouldn't it be possible to directly assign different ISO settings per pixel on the sensor to achieve HDR like results all in one shot? I suppose that's what the gradation curves are attempting to do, but as far as I know that's done as a post processing step. I guess the difficulty would be providing the CPU with an algorithm that could make the ISO assignments automatically based on the various light metering areas.
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    John Griggs
    Several companies already have such designs. At work, we use surveillance cameras now that use that technique and they're not cheap. It requires a different sort of way to address the pixels in order to amplify them individually instead of simply "clocking" them out in rows or columns after exposure. We need them at the steel mill because of the extreme disparity between the brightness of molten steel and the surroundings.

    It would only work with long exposures at high resolutions, but that's probably not a big deal for most of us.

    Study the sensors and how they actually work and you'll see why it's not trivial, but theoretically it's doeable.

    I think Aptina has a similar design on the board somewhere -- I think I saw something like that.

    It's a good iidea you had -- it's just not a new one or an inexpensive one at this time. It's a "niche" market mostly.
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    Isn't this what Panasonic iISO does?
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    John Griggs