Rain on the Parade

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    Andrew Lossing
    My wife and I made a visit to Medford OR this weekend as a sort of mini-vacation, using as our excuse the Pear Blossom festival down there, which is your classic old school parade and street fair. Last year we stumbled on it, and it had a lot of charm, so we figured what the heck. This year, the weather wasn't too cooperative, which gave me a chance to risk the non-weather-sealed EM10 and 25mm f1.8 in (sometimes heavy) drizzle. I wasn't too worried, as this isn't that extreme of conditions (especially for Oregonians) but I did keep an absorbent microfiber cloth in my back pocket and wiped it off a few times when a lot of moisture accumulated.

    I used OIShare to get the files off my memory card, so I haven't played with the full-res images on my desktop yet. This is a quick edit in VSCO Cam.

    2015-04-11 11.02.23 1.jpg
    Obligatory food shot (since I edited on a mobile device it's only natural): Peruvian Lomo Saltado for early lunch!

    2015-04-11 11.02.26 1.jpg
    And while waiting for the delicious food above, a street shot.

    2015-04-11 11.02.11 1.jpg
    Start of the parade, from inside a coffee house...

    2015-04-11 11.02.05 1.jpg

    2015-04-11 11.01.43 1.jpg
    This car was actually a very cool metallic purple-green, but this looked so "period piece" that I had to go B&W

    2015-04-11 11.01.32 1.jpg

    2015-04-11 11.01.01 1.jpg
    Tractors (there were lots of these...)

    2015-04-11 11.00.47 1.jpg
    Unfortunately didn't get a shot of him riding. He was taking a coffee break and complaining about the cold.

    2015-04-11 11.00.43 1.jpg
    Same fellow. I kind of like the mystery that this shot suggests, although it wasn't what I was originally going for. I'm not a very good shot from the hip.

    2015-04-11 11.00.28 1.jpg
    Probably my favorite shot of the day.

    That's all for now, and since ten is the maximum number of images to attach! I enjoyed the perspective of the 50mm equivalent lens more than I thought for street. Even though I'm used to the 17mm f2.8 I really liked being able to frame more for my subject and the performance of the Olympus 25mm is a joy.
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    Andrew Lossing
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