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    Guys, I need your help - what are the file extensions for raw files from Panasonic and Olympus cameras?

    I posted this originally on FredMiranda, but would like to extend this to my former Micro 4/3rds brethren.

    So I fool around with picture profiles a lot, and sometimes during testing I'd like to know the settings I used quickly.
    Canon's own "Digital Professional Photo" software will do this if you open the app, browse to the folder and select "info". Will give you all sorts of goodies like Picture profile, aperture, shutter speed, etc.
    But I'm lazy. I want to just right click on a file and pull this information up without all the hassle.

    So I found a tool that will do it, called "ExifTool" by Phil Harvey. Works great - except it wants you to continually run this from a command line OR drag the file in question to the executable. Still not handy enough for the lazy like me.

    So here's the solution for Windows users (this should take like 5 minutes). This will probably require full control / Administrative rights on your PC.

    Step 1 - Download the Windows version of "Exiftool" from this site (freeware):
    ExifTool by Phil Harvey
    You want the "Windows Executable", or exiftool-9.28.zip.
    Download it to wherever you like. Extract the file to your "Windows" directory. You then rename the file to "EXIFTOOL.exe".

    Step 2 - Download This zip file which contains the registry information for avi/mov/mp4/m2t/m2ts/cr2/arw/mp3/tif/jpg files (will add raw Panny and Olympus stuff if someone can let me know the file extension(s). Doubleclick each .reg file to associate them (will need to be done as an Administrator).

    Step 3 - Fire up Windows Explorer, and right click on any of the above file extensions. You should see a box pop up that looks like the dos box below. If you want to not have to scroll the dos window each time, right click at the top left of the dos box and change the window height and width to 98/50.

    I can add any other extensions you like, like jpgs, or you can dig in the registry and add you own.

    Just thought I'd share!


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