Quick tip for cleaning the metalwork on legacy glass

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by WithOpenedEyes, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. After receiving my Canon FL 55 f1.2 the other day, I gave it a quick go over with just some window cleaner..not that it was really grubby, but if it was going to have fingerprints on it, they would be mine. I noticed the focus and DOF markings weren't quite as clean as they could be. After getting some shooting accomplished to see what was what, today I thought about trying something a touch stronger and found just the right thing...Lysol All Purpose cleaner. Took a box of Q-Tips and a soft cotton rag and went to town on it. Sprayed a dab on each swab and started scrubbing and sure enough, the bright orange and white markings came back to life. Pretty much went over the whole thing..especially the grooved indentations on the focus ring. Not surprising how each swab turned brownish after a few seconds of attention on those. Was surprised at how this stuff worked...and it smells good too. Not the stuff to use on the actual glass, as it has ammonia in it, but nice job on the metal. If you've got some vintage gear that's less than sparkly, give this stuff a try.
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