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    Coming from Nikon D200 cameras, one feature that I wasn't fussy of when purchasing my Olympus E-3 was that I had to view an image by pressing the Playback button before I could erase it. With the Nikon I could hit the erase button and the last image was gone.

    In actual fact - once I got used to the new way of erasing (which I seldom do as much with the larger cards available), it hasn't really been something that I pay much attention to. However I ended up coming across a tidbit of information recently that explained the Menu settings so that I now can instantly erase my undesired E-3 images with a simple press of the erase button. In actual fact, I doubt that reading the manual would have lead me to this solution - - - and it is one that I have never seen explained on the web before.

    Here is how it is done:

    E-3 like E-5: Please set in menu (E-3) the options:

    - 1H: Quick Erase = ON
    - 1H: PRIORITY SET to "Yes"
    ( = "You can customize the initial position of the cursor ([YES] or [NO]) on the [ALL ERASE] or
    [FORMAT] screen)

    - 2: REC View = auto

    Then you can erase pictures immediately after the shot (manual "Displays the image being recorded, and then switches to playback mode. This is useful for erasing a picture after checking it.)

    This valuable piece of information came in the comments section of an E-5 Review Article by Robin Wong : Robin Wong: Olympus E-5 Review: Concluding Remarks and More Images

    I am so greatful to Michael Lindner for being thoughtful enough to post that useful infomation. And I figure that the odds of finding it in a comments section that I may never normally have read, is pretty amazing.

    OH and the E-PL1!

    As for the Quick Erase function described above . . .

    . . . fortunately Olympus Menu system follows a similar approach on it's different camera models - - - and I have just used the above method on my Olympus E-PL1 and now have the same Quick Erase functionality.


    One thing that I have altered for my own preference, is to set Quick Erase = OFF. I just got thinking that it may be easy for me to bump the erase button on my E-3 and toss a shot when I wasn't intending to. By changing the setting to Quick Erase = OFF while Priority Set = On - - - it then requires a two step process using 2 different keys, but is very quick. So I still do not have to press the Replay (preview) button to be able to erase an image. All that is required is a hit of the Erase button to pop up the screen with the cursor set to YES and then hit the OK button to erase the image. Just a little extra safety for my fast paced shooting style I think.

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    I do not care for quick erase as I really like to see anything that I am about to delete. Too many regrets!
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    Bill (really)
    Maybe it's old age, but I don't trust myself to delete anything until after I've downloaded from the card.

    As a "by-the-way," I've now taken a tip from a workflow discussion in a Luminous Landscape video tutorial: They suggest that memory cards should be reformatted in the camera each time (rather than just deleting the material).