Question on Photo Album preparations

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Hello there,.....

    I am preparing a photobook album using photoshop for my 2 yr old son. I got a few questions which I hope you guys will be able to guide me in the workflow -
    I am sorry, if the questions are too much or appears confusing (I am not English speaker), I had tried a lot of reading the webs, but could not find such levels of details in the workflow when preparing album.

    1.1 Do I sharpen at the individual photos level before pasting onto the album template psd. file?
    Or I sharpen only at the album template stage after pasting all the photos I want there?

    1.2 If I paste an individual photo onto the album template at native size, I need to resize to make it smaller or bigger, how do you do it?
    - Resize at individual photo level?
    - or use Smart filter in the album template file pasted with photo to adjust the size?

    1.3 So if I have to resize the individual photo to make it smaller when paste on album, do I need to perform additional sharpening?
    If I have to resize the individual photo to make it bigger, do I need to perform additional sharpening?

    2. When I open my individual photos, the native image size in photoshop is 240 pixels per inch. Printers company "as usual" always recommends 300 pixels per inch.
    Shall I make my album template new file as 300 pixels per inch or 240 pixels per inch.
    For a 10inch by 12 inch page, 240 pixels per inch is sufficient?